ESA opens an education and resource office in Cosmocaixa, Barcelona

ESA opens an education and resource office in Cosmocaixa, Barcelona

Published May 03, 2007

ESA has inaugurated last Thursday 3rd of May, 2007, the ESERO Office (European Space Educational and Resource Office) at the premises of the Cosmocaixa Museum, in Barcelona. The office will be the only one set up by the Agency in Spain, adding up to the network of three educational and outreach offices established so far by the Agency in Europe, the other remaining two being located in Amsterdam (Holland) and Brussels (Belgium).

The office will be managed by Mr. Carles Schnabel from Fundació La Caixa, and has the objective of promoting the educational programs of ESA by means of giving publicity to its activities, host ESA conferences and supply educational content specially designed for teachers, such as mathematical problems and other scientific content related to space: the office will pursue the goal of closing the gap between space and schools, offering a whole wealth of educational material for educators.

The inaugural event was held at Cosmocaixa, wit the attendance and participation of the Major of Barcelona, Mr. Jordi Hereu; Mr. Jorge Wagensberg, Director of Cosmocaixa; Mr. Fernando Doblas, Head of Communication of the European Space Agency; Mr. Maurici Lucena, Director of the Centre for the Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) of the Spanish Ministry of  Industry, Tourism and Commerce (MITYC), of the Spanish Government; and the Spanish Astronaut Pedro Duque, who gave an inspiring lecture about being an astronaut. Other attendants were Mr. LLuis Gómez, Director of Aerospace Promotion of The City council of Barcelona.

The event was open to the general public and attended by youngsters of many Catalonian Schools.

Barcelona- ESERO coordinates are:

Floor -1 ESERO Office
tel: +34 93 404 4986
fax: +34 93 404 6034
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Thursday: 10h to 14h and 15h to 16h. Fridays: 10h to 15h.

For more information, please visit:
Cosmocaixa Website
News at ESA Website

ESA opens an education and resource office in Cosmocaixa, Barcelona

Pedro Duque - Spanish ESA Astronaut.Credit:ESA