Registration Open for the Second edition of the Critical SW course

Registration Open for the Second edition of the Critical SW course

Published November 01, 2007

REGISTRATION OPEN FOR THE SECOND EDITION OF THE PROFESSIONAL COURSE IN CRITICAL SOFTWARE Registration is now open for the upcoming Professional training course on "Critical software quality assurance: Focus on aerospace and industrial applications".  The Course is addressed to professionals wanting an insight in state of the art techniques and standards used in software verification and validation for critical applications in industry (aerospace, transport, biomedical, nuclear). This is the Second Edition of the Course, offered by Fundacio UPC (Technical University of Catalonia) in cooperation with the CTAE Aerospace Technology Centre, and the venue will be Barcelona, from 12 to 16 November, 2007.   
Dates and venue:  12 to 16 November  2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

Teaching body:

* Dr. Maarten Uijt de Haag (University of Ohio)
* Dr. Celestina Bianco (NTE)
* Mr. Ernest Cañamares (GTD)
* Mr. Manrico Fedi (GTD)
* Mr. Jose Antonio Rodrigo (GTD)
* Mr. Fulvio Capogna (GTD)
* Mr. Enric Santamaría (INDRA ESPACIO)
* Dr. Joan Clua (INDRA ESPACIO)
* Mr. Carlos Alvarez Quiroga (INDRA ESPACIO)
* Mr. Josep Guardia (UPC)
* Mr. José Yépez (UPC)

Academic coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Josep Fuertes (Technical University of Catalonia, UPC)

Topics covered will include:

* Rules: comparative analysis of specifications in aeronautics, space and ground transport (road and railway vehicles).
* Other sectors in which critical software is used: Nuclear energy sector; Biomedical sector
* Programming criteria and tools:
o Existing operating systems
o Specifications and design
o Code verification and validation
o Real time control systems