Second edition of the Critical SW Course ends with success

Second edition of the Critical SW Course ends with success

Published November 16, 2007

THE SECOND EDITION OF THE PROFESSIONAL COURSE IN CRITICAL SOFTWARE CLOSES WITH SUCCESS The 2nd edition of the course in "Quality Assurance in Critical Software and Systems: Focus on Transport and Aerospace Applications" concluded last 16 of November 2007 with success. The course counted with the participation of the companies Indra Espacio, GTD, Sener, Applus and Abertis Telecom, and the attendace of students from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), the Chinese Academy of Sciences, UPC, the Institute of Geomatics, and CTAE.

The course was addressed to train professionals and young graduates seeking an insight in state-of-the-art techniques and standards used in software and systems for testing, verification and validation of applications in critical environments such as aerospace, medicine or nuclear engineering. An overview of certifications at American and European level was also given.

The course is organised by CTAE under the academic supervision of Pr. Josep Maria Fuertes i Armengol at Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) and Dr. Maarten Uijt de Haag at Ohio University (USA), with the support of Fundació UPC. Moreover, it included the participation of keynote speakers from industry and professional visits to their companies, giving an overview on the way this specific software is applied in real cases.

* GTD S.A. showed its experience in the areas of avionics and space and illustrated the use if the software in the projects for the Vega launcher and the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV)
* Indra Espacio S.A. showed its experience in the space ground segment and illustrated the software application in positioning and navigation technologies for the Galileo and EGNOS systems
* NTE S.A. gave examples of the software application for the healthcare sector and arranged also much interesting visits to its biomedical and space laboratories.

The course hosted also a teleconference with the keynote speaker Dr. Guillem Bernat at University of York (UK) and CEO of Rapita Systems Ltd. showing its experiences in worst-case execution time analysis.

You may get further information on the course's syllabus, or contact CTAE directly in case you are interested in participating in upcoming editions.