Alexandre Solé Carretero

Experts at CTAE

Alexandre Solé has been working in the development and consolidation of the aerospace industry in Catalonia for the last 9 years, as Coordinator and Project Manager at the Barcelona Aeronautics and Space Association (BAIE), the Catalan aerospace cluster. His previous experience includes working for 5 years for several airlines, where the last position held was acting as Deputy Head of the Continental Airlines GSA in Barcelona, and for 7 years as multilingual translator, including simultaneous and consecutive translations.

Working for BAIE he has been instrumental in helping put Barcelona and Catalonia in the Spanish and the world aerospace map, which has involved among other things developing strong relationships, at all levels, with institutions, companies, research centres, academia and other clusters, coordinating and managing different projects and participating actively in several internal committees. Some recent achievements include attracting to Barcelona first-line events like the International Space University (ISU) Space Studies Program 2008 (SSP08), where he was part of the Local Organising Committee and Secretary of the International Advisory Committee. More recently, he has been Secretary and Logistics Project Manager of the Local Organising Committee of the 7th International Planetary Probe Workshop (7th IPPW), held in Barcelona in June 2010.

From 2007 to 2009 he was appointed member of the Advisory Committee of SEAT, an international next-generation aircraft seat development project, coordinated by the BAIE member STARLAB. Also, he coordinated the participation of Catalan companies in the ECARE initiative of the 6th European FP, and in ECARE+, and has recently led the aircraft interiors internal study Synergies between Design and Aeronautics. Alexandre has also for many years organised and coordinated the presence of the Catalan aerospace industry in different trade fairs, specially in the Paris Air Show of Le Bourget. For CTAE he is collaborating as a freelance technical advisor in several internal structural projects.
Alexandre is a Physics and Engineering student at the Open University, based in the United Kingdom. In 2009 he graduated with excellent marks in ISU’s Space Studies Program (SSP09), held at the NASA Ames Research Center (Ca., USA), where he was co-author of the ACCESS Mars report. Other recent courses include the short course Technology Project Management by Michael D. Griffin (former NASA Administrator), held at the UPC School of Professional & Executive Development, and the Planetary Protection Short Course, conducted by top ESA and NASA officials in June 2010 in the framework of the 7th IPPW. He is currently the Spanish Coordinator for Students and Industry participation in the 8th IPPW, to be held in 2011 in Portsmouth (Va., USA).

His main areas of interest in the space field are planetary science and exploration, astrobiology, human factors in spaceflight and space tourism. In aeronautics he is specially interested in aircraft interiors, man-machine interfaces, airport infrastructures and the airline business. He is a member of the Planetary Society and of the Open University Geological Society (OUGS), and has been a co-author of the Entry Probe Missions to the Giant Planets white paper, for the NSC 2009-2011 Decadal Survey.

Alexandre collaborates regularly with ANGOGERMA, a Catalan nonprofit association created with the main objective of enabling young students without resources, in Angola, to have access to university-level education.

Contact: alexandre.sole[at]