Daniel Serrano

Head of Safety-Critical Software and Control

Daniel Serrano has been working in Embedded Real-Time and Control Software since 2001. He was born in Madrid, Spain, and graduated in Computer Science Engineering, University of Madrid (UAM). He is got a strong Software Engineering background, applying engineer methods to the development of safe Software in the different technologies and sectors of the industry (particularly Aerospace and Underwater). He lives in Barcelona since he joined CTAE in October 2009.

Daniel started working on research projects for Embedded Software and Smart applications for portable devices in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM, Spain). He joined later on Indra Sistemas, gathering 3 years experience as development engineer within the Aerospace industry, working on different systems in the Eurofighter project. He spent part of this time offsite, in EADS Deutschland GmbH (based in Manching, Germany) and across different other locations in Europe.

In summer 2006, he joined SeeByte Ltd., where he has worked until joining CTAE. Based in Edinburgh (UK), SeeByte is a spin-off of the Ocean Systems laboratory in Heriot-Watt University, specialized in creating the world’s most advanced smart and safe software for the latest generation of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV), including autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and remotely operated vehicles (ROV). Daniel worked in a variety of projects, starting as development engineer, becoming firstly project manager and eventually development manager, responsible of the Software Engineering Improvements. He attended to the official training on CMMi v1.2. He has been offshore numerous opportunities in several vessels and platforms, de-risking and validating new technology in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and North Atlantic Sea.

As part of the R&D team, Daniel pushes for a formal approach to the development of new technology, working closely with the team of experts, in order to assure quality in the product.

Daniel spends his own time in amateur photography, learning languages (currently working on Italian), reading, listening music and gradually discovering Barcelona. Whenever he gets free time, he visits his family and friends that are spread out around Madrid, Venice and Madrigal de la Vera (Cáceres).

Contact: daniel.serrano[at]ctae.org