Joseph Aguilar

Expert at CTAE

Joseph Aguilar‐Martin was Born in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) the 14th of May 1939. He studied in the Lycée Français of his birth town, where he obtained his Bacalauréat in Science with honors. From 1957 to 1962 he attended the ENSEEHIT (School of Electrical Engineering) of the University of Toulouse (France) and he obtained simultaneously the Electrotechnic Engineer’s degree and the “Licence ès Sciences Physiques”. In 1965 he was “Docteur Ingénieur” from the Toulouse University. Later, in 1968, he was delivered the title of member of Imperial College of Science and Technology in London (United Kingdom) and the London University MSc. Degree.

His professional experience started as trainee in the Compagnie des Compteurs (Paris 1961), followed in 1963 by a short period as research assistant in Laboratoire de Génie Electrique in Toulouse (1965), where he cooperated in the design of high energy magnetic fields, until he joined Imperial College in London with a research scholarship until 1967. At this date he was appointed at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in order to join the Laboratoire d’Automatique et des Applications Spatiales (LAAS), where he has been a member until the present days. There he created the research group on Stochastic Systems. In the meantime he has been invited in several university research groups around the world; to mention the most relevant: Electronics Research Lab (ERL) at University of California Berkeley, (USA 1978), Universidade de Campinas “UNICAMP” (Brazil 1980, 1982, 1983), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya “UPC” (Barcelona, Spain 1982, 1983, 1984, 2008), Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Canada, 1981), Universitat de Girona (Catalonia Spain 1997 , 1998), Universidad de los Andes “UNIVANDES” (Bogotá Colombia 2000, 2001), Insituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Atizapán Mexico, 2002), Universidad Autónoma Estado de Hidalgo ( Pachuca, Mexico 2004). His last position has been Catedràtic of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona‐Catalonia Spain), and he is presently “Professor Emeritus” in Toulouse and consultant at CTAE (Aerospace Research and Technology Centre Barcelona).

He has over 500 publications in high level conferences and journals: the main topics of his papers are: Stochastic systems, Estimation and Filtering, Fuzzy Logic Systems, Classification and Learning. He has applied his results to many fields, among them: Chemical or Biochemical Processes Control and Supervision, Hydrologic and Ecologic Systems modelisation, Aerospace Systems Diagnostic.